Printed Waterproof Band-Aids (Pack of 60pcs)

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Product description
  • 🔸 Quantity: You'll get 60 pieces of flexible adhesive bandages (5pcs in each case, i.e. 24 cases with 5pcs in each) plenty of them for your daily fit and replacement needs; They'll protect wounds such as small cuts, scrapes and burns
  • 🔸 Quality Material: this fabric bandage is made of PE material, reliable quality, waterproof, flexible, bendable, comfortable to wear, will not affect your activities.
  • 🔸 Exquisite Pattern Design: these tapes are beautifully designed and can attract the interest of children and can give you a lively and fresh feeling
  • 🔸 Easy to Use: Just clean the wound part and point to the padding and wrap it up, easy to use; Change the tape daily for safer and more hygienic use
  • 🔸 Protection: these fingertip bandages prepare you for unexpected everyday deformities or even wilderness battlefield survival trauma situations, and can protect wounds well from dirt or dust; They are easy to use and replace, small and portable, soft and comfortable, and come in a variety of types that can be applied to different parts of the body
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